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Visual Basic is an event-driven integrated development language (IDE) program from Microsoft for its Component Object Model (COM) programming mode. Like Basic, Visual Basic (VB) was designed for a steep curve and Simple and complex GUI application programming on a form with specified attributes and actions for those components with additional lines of code for more functionality. Since VB define attributes and actions a programmer can develop a simple program without writing much code.

We at Benchfolks have trainers who conduct specialized programs for Visual Basic training. Courses are designed and taught keeping in mind the current requirements of the industry. The trainers are all drawn from the IT industry itself who are registered with us and have many years of experience in their respective field. We at Benchfolks believe that to meet the requirement of the IT industry one need to have strong programming skills. With a mission to partner with the US IT industry we want to proactively build a large pool of skilled professionals to address the need of lakhs of jobs. The trainers provide that extra competitive edge with current and updated courses.

Visual Basic course contents

Keeping in mind our users who are novices to experienced users we trainers who have designed the course contents in this way as Visual basic is used for creating applications across Access, Excel and much more, our training includes Getting Started Using Visual Basic, creating a working Windows application with just a few mouse clicks, Event Procedures, GUI Controls, Data Types and Variables, Control Structures, Loops and Arrays, Subroutines and Functions, File Access, Relational and Logical Operators, Assignment and Arithmetic Operators and Handling Exceptions.

Our company Benchfolks has been established with an aim of catering the growing demands of trained and certified manpower in IT industry. We have trainers who provide online Visual Basic training also to our registered users. The trainers first analyze all the parameters of quality associated to this service and then carried out the service within the scheduled time-frame. The provided service is imparted according to the requirements of our valuable users within their budget and time.

You can refer below for course details, duration, fee structure and method of training. You can refer to the list of various registered trainers and choose who is available and close to you so that you can undergo Visual Basic training from them. The trainers who are registered with us offer the VB course here at Benchfolks which is world class with more emphasis on the real-time scenarios.

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