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Network Administration is a foundation element in Information Technology. A network administrator is responsible for keeping an organization�s computer network up to date running smoothly. Any organization that uses multiple computers or software platforms needs a network admin to coordinate the different systems. They are in high demand as companies and organizations invest in technology and mobile networks. Growth is also expected as the use of information technology increases. Network Administrators troubleshoot network issues that come up, make the necessary fixes as required, maintain email systems, deployment of new software applications to network clients, and Internet content filters for users. They also ensure that the network is secured against outside threats and check client workstations where they install anti-virus and malware protection.

We at Benchfolks have trainers who provide real-time and placement focused Network Administration training in the US. The Network Administration course includes from basic to advanced level. The Network Administration trainers are Network Administration certified experts with a minimum of 7 years experienced working professionals with hands on experience. The trainers will help you to succeed in all areas and make you a good Network Administrator.

Network Administration course contents

The trainers have designed the network administration training course which includes Exchange and Windows Server administration, Network & Infrastructure & Configuration, Active Directory & Configuring, Redhat Linux Essentials, Implementation of Virtualized Computing Environments, Design & Manage Computer Networks, Network Security and IT Risk Management as well as on technologies from Cisco, Juniper, NetApp, and more high-level tasks such as design and implementation to daily tasks such as performance monitoring.

The Network Administration course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in the US as quickly as you complete the Network Administration certification training course. We have tied up with many companies who provide placement and certification. With demand, which is on an all-time high, it's an ideal and best time to begin or advance your network administration career. This consistent demand for network administrators which is independent of economic conditions has led to dub a career of network administrator as a "recession proof career."

Refer below for more details and our list of training providers. You can also avail training online as well as offline mode. In short, we can say that network administrators are the bench managers who work closely with the networking team. They often manage large teams of network support technicians, requiring them to have people skills as well as technical skills.

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