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SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI) is a powerful module that facilitates the exchange of information among various applications, be it SAP or non - SAP ones.SAP XI is a critical module of SAP that performs 3 major functionalities, namely - Connect, Co – ordinate and Communicate. First of all, it eases the connection of applications of various types regardless of whether it is a SAP application or a third party application. Secondly, SAP XI co – ordinates the various applications by defining a workflow for each of the functioning. Thirdly, SAP XI helps in communication among various applications regardless of their formats.

The syllabus of SAP XI online training covers the following topics:

1.XI Overview – Introduction to SAP XI, XI Components, Features & functionalities of SAP XI, integration Directory, Security Issues, B2B industry rules, Integration Engine, Repository of enterprise Services and Net Weaver Architecture.

2.System Landscape Directory –concepts of business systems, working of technical systems, the components of software, usage of SLD in Enterprise service repository, dependency aspects of systems and its implementation.

3.Integration Directory – profiles of Collaboration, agreements of Collaboration, Business Scenario and other concepts.

4.Enterprise Service Repository – basic concepts of Enterprise Service Repository, Object mapping concepts, components of software, creation of proxy, working with interface objects and implementing miscellaneous advanced concepts.

5.Runtime – Introduction of Runtime & Runtime Workbench, Working with Runtime tools, Runtime Cache, Runtime alerts and troubleshooting concepts.

6.Working with Adapter Engines and Overview of Adapter framework

7.Mapping – basic concepts of mapping, standard and user defined functions, concepts of Queues, graphical mapping, XSLT mapping and other mapping types & functionalities.

8.Business Process Management Concepts – Overview of BPM, Architecture of BPM, Error handling techniques, components of various processes, BPM monitoring & reporting, troubleshooting concepts and working with Exceptions.

These are topics dealt with during the online SAP XI training which incorporates various discussion sessions, practical lab sessions, assessments, group discussions, role plays and case studies as a part of their training curriculum to bring out the most productive trainees on site. Register immediately and be one of them !


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