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SAP Warehouse Management (WM) module assists in a timely and effective management of the warehousing activities of an organization benefiting them in various ways. Enhanced flexibility and Automation of the warehousing processes have proved SAP WM to be most effective & efficient. The major functionalities of Ware Management module lies in the definition of the warehousing structures, management of warehousing structures, implementation of picking techniques for optimization of material flow, quick processing capabilities facilitating easy goods receipts and issues.

Salient features of SAP WM are:

·Dealing with complex warehousing activities that include customized storage areas, bulk storage issues and so on

·Implementation of Storage Bins on a large scale

·Effective implementation of Random Slotting techniques

·Usage of picking & put away techniques to the maximum

·Special handling methodologies for goods that require special attention

·Advanced Controlling Capabilities

·Inventory management functionality

·Usage of advanced mechanisms such as RF technology, ALE warehouse control interfaces etc

·Lean Warehouse Management and Decentralized Warehouse Management systems

The SAP WM Online training covers a wide array of topics during the training session which includes Overview of SAP Warehouse Management, batch management concepts in WM, Configuration of WM interfaces, Inventory Management Concepts, Goods issue & receipt, Techniques for goods procurement, Material valuation tools & technologies, Customization of inventory management concepts, Preparation of reports in WM, Basic functionalities of handling units, procurement & distribution processes of handling units, interface to external systems in WM and the most advanced concepts in Warehouse Management.

These have been the various topics dealt with during the online training sessions of SAP WM. The online training institutes strive to provide the best training to their trainees enabling each trainee to compete most effectively with the others in the job market. Get yourselves enrolled right now !


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