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The treasury related processes of an organization are managed in the most optimized manner through the SAP Treasury Management Module. SAP TM is integrated with cash management, market risk management and also the financial accounting concepts. The main aspects of SAP Treasury Management are assisting a properly regulated financial transactions, financial accounting processes and provision of the most precise reporting functionality in the most advanced manner.

The advanced features of SAP Treasury Management are plenty, namely:wide variety of utilities like NPV calculators, date check tool, cross rate calculator, collective processing ability; advanced authorization management, position management functionalities, link to advanced information system, working on real time market data, advanced data feed interface, electronic banking features, optimized management of financials, risk scenario modeling issues, mitigation of financial risks in an organization, global management of cash, secured connectivity with banks through advanced payment networks and advanced reporting feature of SAP TM.

The SAP Treasury Management online training course draws upon a wide array of real life examples, case studies, assessments and mini project works. The highlights of the course include working on master data, position management, transaction management,back office processing concepts, Hedge Management, exposure management and its entry types, dealing with market data, reporting functionality, operative reporting feature, integration with other SAP components in the most effective manner, hedge accounting concepts, implementation of system tools & techniques, correlation features, customization of hedge management and dealing with interfaces & extensions.

These have been the various features, functionalities and the topics covered during the online training course. The online IT training and placement institutes focus on providing SAP Treasury Management training with an enhanced quality through various advanced technologies & methodologies.


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