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SAP has become the backbone of many organizations and its success depends on the right people and right processes involved in its execution.Therefore, it is always crucial to define optimal test processes while testing SAP applications. Improvement of the SAP application performance in turn leads to an improved business performance. The overall testing cost of an enterprise is lowered by means of implementing the latest tools & techniques in testing SAP applications.

The attractive features of SAP testing include the following:

1. The SAP testing is output based which concentrates on the quality of the application. A special mention has to be made here that the traditional testing methods were input based.

2. The SAP development & testing costs are reduced to an appreciable percentage.

3. Helps in quality accreditation of the SAP applications.

4. SAP testing provides a complete end to end testing of the applications.

5. Implementation of mass tests using the SAP testing tools.

Various kinds of SAP testing are implemented on the SAP applications which include unit testing, integration testing, regression testing and UAT (User Acceptance Test) testing.

It is imperative to conduct a proper testing of applications during the lifecycle of a SAP solution to alleviate business risks and also to ensure the achievement of the expected results as planned during the design phase.The SAP testing can be conducted during various stages such as implementation of SAP solutions, performing regression & function tests of the applications, while importing support packages and also while integrating new components to the existing application. There are various SAP testing tools such as Test Workbench, Extended Computer Aided Test Tool and Computer Aided Test Tool.

If a proper SAP testing process is not implemented, it would result in a disaster where there would be an inefficient and insufficient test coverage leading to a descent in the business value. Skilled SAP testing professionals are demanded by the enterprises for the successful implementation of their SAP solutions. Therefore, taking up a well regulated online training in SAP testing would be very much helpful for the employees to get a competitive edge among the others in the industry.


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