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The SAP SRM module greatly helps in optimizing the procurement process from suppliers in an organization through efficient strategies that deal with selecting suppliers, qualification of suppliers and a proper management of the contracts signed with suppliers. It serves as a sole analytical framework facilitating an efficient supplier relationship with the enterprise. This SAP SRM training focuses on training the people on the components of the SRM module and the business processes associated with it.

SAP SRM training course is based on SAP SRM 7.0 through various Enhancement packages. The course curriculum of SAP SRM online training includes concepts of Overview of SAP SRM, Introduction to SAP Procurement Portfolio, the Architecture of SRM, Procurement of Service concepts, Supplier Collaboration concepts, Catalog Content Management techniques & methodologies, Aspects of Contract management, Self Service procurement issues, Implementation of Central Sourcing Hubs, Auctioning methodologies and on various advanced SRM concepts.

The latest version SAP SRM 7.0 has been introduced with various new functionalities like excellence in procurement processes, investments on foundations and also in service procurement issues. There have been various architectural and functional enhancements introduced with SRM 7.0 which has proved to be more effective & efficient. The purchasing environment has witnessed various improvisations wherein the customers can easily interact with the system through an enhanced portal framework. Moreover, there have been a lot of User Interface (UI) enhancements which provides an advanced workflow structure for the system. Centralized purchase planning and decentralized execution has all been introduced with the most advanced exception based procedures. SRM 7.0 provides many advancements in operational procurement procedures, service procurement procedures, effective sourcing issues and also analytical improvisations in the process of purchasing.

This SAP SRM training focuses on the most advanced features and functionalities of the module along with the implementation procedures.


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