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SAP Solution Training:

SAP Solution Manager is a tool created by SAP AG which is used to create, implement and monitor the business management solutions of an enterprise. This tool assists in handling both the technical and business processing side of the solution implementation.SAP Solution Manager provides various benefits such as enhanced robustness and core competencies of users while implementing solutions, making sure that the planned solution works as expected, reduction of the administration support using real time monitoring systems and centralization of the messages handling system.

SAP Solution Manager 7.1 is the most recent tool that has been introduced into the market with additional feature highlights like:

-Implementation of SAP CRM 7.0 EHP1 for IT service management with extensions of CRM capabilities;

-Simplified user interface with completely web based user interface;

-New intuitive user interface for a better Test Management;

-Enhanced efficiency through improvisations in Monitoring & Alerting Infrastructure;

-Facilitating openness through seamless integration with non – SAP applications / technologies;

-Higher scope through extended usage rights;

-New ITSM improvements added for increasing the end user satisfaction;

-Enhanced support for service request management;

-BPCA (Business Process Change Analyser) enhancements;

-New techniques in reporting analysis of business processes;

-Advanced custom code data extraction features integrated;

The online SAP Solution Training is being provided with the latest features & functionalities through practical sessions for a detailed in-depth understanding of concepts.


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