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SAP Service Management (SM) is a module of SAP that manages the services provided by an organization to its customers. It is usually integrated with the plant maintenance and the customer service modules which deal with mostly the after sales services of products sold by the organizations. The SAP SM has been implemented by many organizations to provide a more effective and efficient service to their customers.

Due to a large market expansion, it has become difficult for the organizations to either provide services for their customers or they are in void of the service capacity & knowledge required. In such circumstances, the SAP SM comes handy to manage such issues and provide effective service solutions. The SAP Service management module provides a cohesive approach that facilitates management of the services of various service providers which includes both internal services as well as external services at the client’s place.

The striking features of SAP SM includes capacity planning of resources, allocation of service tasks, monitoring real time costs, management of component costs and an outstanding reporting feature that assists the management to screen the areas which require improvement in work.

The SAP SM online training course provides a wide coverage of topics that include overview of SAP SM in IDEs, Service Processing tasks, Service Contracts, Controlling in Service Management, Workflow in Service management and advanced topics in SAP SM with its latest functionalities. Service Processing deals with creating service orders, creation of equipment master records, processing a service order, billing a service order, management of returns, processing repairs, service quotations etc.Service Contracts section covers the study on processing service contracts, working on periodic billing, related billing with service contracts, delivery of service contracts, review of system configuration and other such details. These have been the various topics covered during the SAP SM online training course.


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