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SAP Security training is essential for protecting the business information with the most effective SAP security standards to prevent organizations from losing data, leakage of information and other damages to the business information. This training course has been designed with the main objective of reducing the security incidents / risks happening on the SAP platform in organizations. This training course enables you to check if your business critical SAP implementation platforms are secure, to gain an insight into how an attack can be made to your SAP platforms, the procedures to prevent such attacks and other such security issues. This course begins with the basics of SAP so that even the non – SAP professionals are able to follow the course in a smooth manner.

SAP Security training curriculum encompasses the following topics, namely: introduction to SAP, overview of SAP security, need of security, methodology of implementing security, user administration of security systems, concept of CUA (Central User Administration), LSMW script running, troubleshooting issues, concept of Authorizations, customization of authorization, types of roles in SAP, group authorizations, Security Audit in SAP, Architecture for Authorization, Authorization strategies, security requirements in BI,troubleshooting various issues, authorization objects involved in SAP, security types, reporting functionalities, HR security issues, troubleshooting HR issues with apt solutions, HR authorization objects & types, General authorizations, Structural Authorizations and the most advanced security mechanisms.

The online SAP security training has become vital these days due to the increasing number of threats, attacks and hacks. Business information is a valuable asset to any organization which has to be safe guarded in the effective manner possible. Therefore, SAP has come up with a security mechanism to help maintain the security of the enterprise solutions. This security module of SAP is a proactive security measure to safeguard an organization on the whole along withits employees, customers, partners and other participants.

This online training course focusses on providingan in depth knowledge on various concepts of SAP Security from basics to the advanced concepts.



SAS SAP BASIS/SECURITIESSAP BASIS/SECURITES by Mr.Jyothy Krishna, real-time consultant with 5+years sap exp.,Duration: 2 monthsFee: 10000 /- classrooms: 25000/- online trainingImplementation - (12-15 hrs)-Hardware Sizing-Pre Installation -Installation-Post Installation-Installing License -Creating Users-Client Creation-Customization (IMG)-Development (ABAP Workbench)-Printers -Clie..
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