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The complete process from ordering to cashing in an organization is effectively managed through the SAP module SAP Sales and Distribution (SD). This module deals with the maintenance of customer master data, material master data, sales orders, delivery of products, pricing system for the products, billing of the sale made and a proper credit management. The above mentioned points are the components of SAP SD. The sub components of SAP SD includes sales support data, sales data, billing information, credit management, shipping and transportation issues, pendulum list indirect sales details, foreign trade and maintenance of sales information system. The SAP SD course is being provided at various levels such as associate level, professional level and also master levels.

SAP SD module works more effectively through its integration with the other SAP modules. The online SAP SD training course is designed with great care providing a wide coverage on as many topics as possible required for an effective implementation of SD in an organization along with the mentions of the most advanced functionalities of SAP SD.

The course curriculum of SAP Sales & Distribution module is mentioned below:

•Introduction of SAP SD – Overview of SD, Its features, functionalities, working of SAP SD.

•Working on Customer and Material Master Data –Creation of material master data, retrieving an overview of material stock, creation of customer master data & accessing it, creating and assigning customer number range to customer account groups, creation of material master data for sales, creation of customer material info records & access to it.

•Dealing with Sales–Introduction to sales, process of creating inquiries, quotations, sales orders, credit memos, debit memos, sales documents, material inclusion and material exclusion.

•Delivery Issues – Creation of picking and packing, creating PGI, dealing with returns, working with subsequent deliveries, overview of consignment process and substituting issues.

•Billing Process–Process of creating bill of materials, definition of item categories, creation of blocking reasons and correcting invoices.

•Pricing functions – Process of determining pricing and Categories, the Tax determination procedures, working with accounting keys, text types, working on condition exclusive groups.

•Credit Management – Overview of Credit management, its advanced features & functionalities.

Online training in SAP SD has been provided in real life scenarios of managing all processes in an organization from ordering to cashing. At the end of the course, the trainees will be able to effectively implement and manage SAP SD in any organization.



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