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SAP PS (Project Systems) is a module that facilitates a proper management of projects, both small & large, through tracking project milestones, it’s costing and others resources through the implementation of various SAP PS tools and techniques.The SAP PS module is very closely associated with the functioning of Human Resources, Logistics and Controlling modules. It begins with retrieving personnel records from Human Resources and then deals with rolling costs to Controlling module and finally linking it to the Logistics modules.

This module deals with 2 major functionalities. One, it helps in tracking the costs on Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) elements like the cost incurred on the personnel involved in the project or the cost of materials used in the project. Two, it deals with tracking the milestones against the planned dates for the various tasks involved during the project.

The SAP PS course curriculum includes topics such as the basics of Project System, introduction to project Management, the concepts of project structures, DMS details,Claim Management Costs, planned costs, actual costs, working with budgets, revenue earning, scheduling functions, periodic allocation process, automatic allocation techniques, resource billing concepts, process of date planning in WBS, resource planning through capacity allocation, working on bill of materials, availability check concepts, procurement of materials, tracking the dates, confirmation and simulation processes.

Online SAP PS training is being provided through excellent SAP PS instructors who are well qualified and well experienced. Moreover, the online training provides a training experience with enhanced learner’s convenience, industry savvy instructors, widely covered subject topics with customized curriculum, guidance in resume preparation, provision of interview assistance and also certification guidance. Therefore, such courses have been the most sought after ones by the professionals especially who find no separate timings to attend classroom trainings in person.


SAP PS Training

Project Management means achieving project goals within the defined cost and time limitsreaching the expected requirements. SAP Project System helps in managing practically all typesof projects ranging from smaller costs and investment projects to plant maintenance projects ordevelopment projects to projects in plant engineering, construction, and mechanicalengineering. SAP Project Systems is a po..
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