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SAP Production Planning (PP) is a SAP module that deals with an effective and efficient management of the production process in an organization. SAP PP module aims at optimized use of resources of an enterprise and also concentrates on providing the products as per the tastes and preferences of the customers. This module deals with maintenance of Master Data used by the organization like bill of materials, work centres etc.

The course curriculum of SAP PP module can be listed as: Handling Master Data, Routing concepts, Work Centres, working on SAP tables, Overview of MRP, working with tables in MRP, process of lot sizing, measuring MRP results, procurement aspects, Discrete manufacturing concepts, the goods receipts & issue, dealing with planned orders & production orders, scheduling production activities, Repetitive manufacturing process, its versions, back flushing concepts, Sales planning, operational planning, demand management, forecasting Sales, planning production activities and management.

The course also provides a wide coverage on the planning strategies for the organization which includes planning with and without final assembly, make to order strategy, gross requirements planning & net requirements planning, KANBAN concepts, demand & supply source and PP configuration overview. These are the SAP PP module concepts being taught during the online training course along with various practical sessions to insist all of them in a much better manner.

SAP PP constitutes a set of modules namely Master Data, Production Planning, Capacity Planning, Product Cost Planning, SOP (Sales & Operations Planning), MRP (Material Requirements Planning), DRP (Distribution Resource Planning), KANBAN, Shop Floor Control and Repetitive Manufacturing. The online training course in SAP PP provides an in depth knowledge on various topics in each module so as to provide as much information as possible for the trainees. At the end of the course, the trainees will be competent enough to implement SAP PP in organizations in the most effective way.


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