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SAP NetWeaver Portal is a platform that assists in the implementation of Web Dynpro applications created by SAP which is a part of SAP NetWeaver Architecture.SAP Portal acts as a single point of access to enterprise information and enterprise applications both internally and externally with tools assisting in managing, analysing and sharing the information. The portal is used for various purposes like personalization, integration, internationalization and authorization. Portals are very much expedient to organizations by providing a comprehensive view of all business data.

SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 has been introduced with cutting edge features & functionalities providing a mature portal portfolio. The highlighting features are:

·Mobile Enablement

·Web Page Composer

·Increased Administration Environment

·AJAX framework

·Enhanced support for Wikis & Forums

·Enterprise Workspaces 1.1

·Powerful Web Services and APIs

The SAP Portal online training course helps you understand the basic concepts of enterprise portals, understanding the structure & functioning of enterprise portals, knowing the need of enterprise portals, description of the various components of SAP NetWeaver portal, assistance of the application in building a portal navigation structure, designing the portals as per the company requirements, log on to the enterprise portals, navigating through the portals, customization of portals, explanations on portals, details about Knowledge management and Collaboration activities. It’s the right time for you to get trained on SAP Portals which helps enhancing your qualification to meet the industrial requirements.


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