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SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) has been a module implemented by various organizations to optimize their production process and there has been proved optimistic results of the SAP PM modules in a majority of the cases. It entails activities such as inspecting technical systems, defining preventive measures for the system, restoring the ideal condition of the technical system and other such maintenance activities in an enterprise.

The SAP PM online training has been given through the implementation of various new tools and techniques that have evolved during all these years. The trainees are trained in such a way so as to exceed the expectations of the job market.Equal proportion of theoretical and practical knowledge has been imparted through this training course to empower the students to cope up with the real time environment with a higher confidence level.The SAP PM online training is focused completely on the simulation of real – time projects. Online training is being provided through instructors who are well – qualified along with unlimited lab sessions also providing free counselling and placement assistance from experienced people of the industry.

Course Curriculum:

Introduction to Plant Maintenance, concepts of Corrective & Preventive Plant Maintenance, Reliability issues of Plant Maintenance, Plant Maintenance and regulatory Compliance, Cost Tracking methodologies, Entering Corrective data, Best practices of Plant Maintenance, Business Process Integration.

Plant Maintenance Asset Data which includes working with Equipment, Materials, and Objects links, PM Assemblies and Bill of materials (BOM). Organizational elements of Plant Maintenance like Work Centres, Plants & Planner groups.

Transactional Objects of Plant Maintenance - Work Orders and Notifications, Preventive Maintenance Items and plans, Working with Cross Application Objects – Classes, Master Data, Shop Papers, working of Plant Maintenance module with the other modules like Finance, Procurement and PS.

The final section deals with the concepts and features of reporting like PMIS, BW, Plant Maintenance queries and variants. These are the various topics being covered during the online SAP PM training course.


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