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SAP Process Integration (PI) is a module of SAP that is used in the effective exchange of information of an organization’s internal software & systems with those of the external parties. The SAP PI was earlier known as SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) which is highly compatible with the products of any company where it is being implemented.The speciality of this module lies in its ability to facilitate communication between diverse operating systems & applications of both the internal and external computer networks. It all started with its initial release which was SAP Exchange Infrastructure XI 2.0 followed by versions such as 3.0, 7.0, 7.1, 7.3 and so on.

The course contents of SAP PI is listed below: Introduction to PI, the components & sub components of SAP PI, the configuration and designing components of SAP PI, Architecture of PI, Technical system and Business system functioning, Concept of Integration Repository, the process of Integration, scenarios of Integration, Message types, Data types and enhancements, message mapping techniques, interface mappings, templates of mapping, working with context objects, imported archives, Overview of Mapping concepts including ABAP mapping, Java mapping, XSLT mapping, working with Integration Directory (ID), the sender and receiver agreements, communication channels, Integration Monitoring (RWB) Overview, message monitoring, component monitoring, performance monitoring, end – to – monitoring, alert types, Integration Scenarios like File Scenario, RFC, HTTP, JDBS, SOAP, IDOC and overview & comparison of PI 7.1 and 7.3 features & functionalities.

An effective SAP Integration solution like SAP PI is absolutely essential for any organization to streamline their various process and exchange of information over a variety of technology platforms.Therefore, SAP PI is considered vital for an organization facilitating an efficient real - time exchange of direct and indirect information over a network.


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