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SAP Materials Management (MM) is one of the most vital SAP modules that deals with the planning of material movement of an enterprise including its logistics involved in the transport of tangible components of a supply chain. The SAP MM online training provides a detailed course on all concepts involved in this module so that at the end of the course, each student will be able to fully configure and implement the MM module in the most effective and efficient manner. The training includes a series of screenshots and step by step instructions that would help you in exploring the module to the fullest.

The course curriculum includes Introduction to ERP, features & functionalities of MM, the MM Lifecycle, SAP R/3 Architecture, SAP Navigation Concepts, Working on Master Data, Dealing with Material Master, Vendor Master, working on Source lists, Arrangement of Quota, working with Purchase Orders, Requisition for Quotations, Outline Agreements, Contracts, Document Types for Purchasing, Pricing Procedures – Defining scheme groups, calculating schema, access sequence, condition types, Optimization of Purchasing process, Inventory management, Goods issue & receipt, Reservations, Physical Inventory concepts, Account Determination concepts, Material and Split valuation, Local definitions & global definitions, Verification procedures of Invoice, Credit memos, Blocking procedures of Invoice, Automatic settlements (ERS, EDI), Tax Discounts, Payment terminologies and other such topics of MM.

More advanced topics regarding integration of MM with FI/CO, SD and PP are also being taught during the online course. Along with this, some additional concepts like FI – Controlling and LSMW are also being delved into. The SAP MM online training provides a wide coverage of the above mentioned topics along with practical configuration and implementation sessions to empower trainees to execute business processes in a smooth manner.


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