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SAP Master Data Management (MDM) is a module of SAP which is used to consolidate, cleanse and synchronize one common version of truth for master data of the organization within a heterogeneous application landscape. The standard implementation procedures of SAP MDM include Content Consolidation, Master Data Harmonisation, Central Master Data Management, Rich Product Content Management and Global Data Synchronization.

SAP NetWeaver MDM 7.1 is the latest version introduced in May 2009 with various advanced feature integrations and extended functionalities. The advanced version MDM 7.1 has been introduced with many enhancements in its core components such as extended flexibility for Data modelling & complex objects, numerous improvements in inbound & outbound processing and enhanced SAP Signature Design with MDM rich clients.

Regarding MDM 7.1 Integration aspects – various enhancements have been made in customer data model, vendor data model, material data model, customization of MDMGX, web Dynpro configuration & enhanced validation techniques, inclusion of native adapter for NetWeaver Process integration, portal integration & iView enhancements, enhanced programming interfaces & web services through new API extensions, new UI component integration, new web services, MDM infrastructure with enhanced SOA & BPM integration and enhancements in MDM Enrichment Architecture.

The operations and life cycle of MDM 7.1 has also witnesses various enhancements like increased compliance & auditing support, enhancements in Transport management, improvisations in administration and life cycle management.

These have been the various enhancements in the latest version SAP MDM 7.1 which also makes use of support packages available like SP05, SP06, SP07 and SP08. SP07 comes with security enhancements and SP08 with enhanced hierarchy management & tuple handling techniques. The online training course on SAP MDM focusses on the latest version of MDM with highlights on its enhanced features & functionalities and also details on the available support packages.


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