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SAP Learning Solution (LSO) provides advanced learning options for organizations, employees, students, trainees and also in educational institutions. SAP Learning Solution is a safe investment for the organizations which provide appreciable results in productivity.

Learning life - long is a problem for the employees as well as employers since they cannot allocate separate timings for learning in their busy schedules. The traditional in – person classroom training consumes a lot of time and resources of the employees which makes them get frustrated. And now, that the technology has improved so much, online training has evolved providing so many attractive features and functionalities for the trainees. Online training and e – learning solutions have been so beneficial for the organizations as well as employees who find no separate timings for their training. SAP LSO is a technology that paves way for the development of these online training and learning solutions.

Features of SAP LSO includes seamless integration with HCM core modules for enhanced organizational performance, perfect identification of training needs of an organization, ensuring that the training complies with the organization’s requirements, management of training across the extended enterprise, offering blended learning environment, tracking the training and its impact on the companies, integration of external training hosted on third party portals through SAP NW, virtual training sessions world - wide and other such advanced functions.

The curriculum of SAP LSO online training includes topics such as LSO Introduction, Overview of LSO concepts, LSO architecture, LSO components, Virtual training sessions, Collaboration, Roles of LSO, Key Processes in LSO, Tips and tricks of LSO, Wrap up, Conclusions and projects on the course. The LSO components include Learning Portal (LSOFE), training Management (LSOTM), Content Player (LSOCP), Authoring Environment (LSO AE), Content Management system and Offline Player (LSOOP). These are the various components covered during the course along with the advanced topics of the subject.


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