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SAP IS Utility is a specifically designed SAP module for the utilities industry which serves as a sales and information system handling its business processes and activities. SAP IS Utility provides enhanced services when it functions integrated with Customer Service modules, Sales and Distribution modules, Service Management modules, Business Workflow modules and so on.

The most prominent features of SAP IS Utility are:

•Energy Data Management –Serves as energy data repository, implementing the settlement workbench concepts, RTP billing process (Real Time Pricing)

•Waste & Recycle Management –Provides logistics, billing systems and other management processes that are needed by a waste disposal organization.

•Device management, Work Management, Billing & invoicing component features & functionalities.

•Advanced Data Management Processes through IDE (Intercompany Data Exchange)

•Cross Industry Solutions provided for enhanced convenience.

•Enhanced Decision Making facilitated through enterprise wide visibility.

The course contents of SAP IS Utility training covers topics such as Introduction to IS – U applications & its components, integrating the IS –U module with ERP & CRM systems, Handling Master Data, Device Management, Waste management, Energy Data Management, Working with Customer Information, Functioning of contracts & contract accounts, Scheduling concepts, working on Regional Structure, dealing with technical master data, point of delivery of technical master data, working with Connections, integrating procedures with SAP, Installation of Devices, Working on Rate structures, Billing concepts, Meter Readings, Inventory Management integration with Material management, Invoicing methodologies, working on transactions, Account determination, Payments processing, working with returns, calculation of Interests, Customer Interaction Centres,Security Issues, customization of processes, Dunning concept and other such advanced functionalities & features.

This online course stresses on the most advanced concepts & methodologies of SAP IS Utility implemented in the industry these days through various case studies and lectures from well – experienced professionals. The trainees are provided with the training necessary for them to cope up with the requirements of the dynamic industry.


SAP IS – Utilities online with free resume building service

SAP IS “ Utilities, commonly referred to as a SAP IS -U, is an application in the SAP suite geared specifically towards Utilities Industry. It is a sales & information system that is designed to support utility and waste disposal companies.Components of SAP ISU Training: Master Data Basic Functions Device Management Billing and Invoicing Contract AccountingSAP ISU Trainin..
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SAP IS – Utilities training for first comers - Offering free materials

SAP ISU Training is Specific Solution for Utilities Industry. It is also referred to as SAP IS-U/CCS (Customer Care and Services) SAP Utilities (SAP IS-U) is a sales and information system that supports utility and waste disposal companies.SAP IS Utilities Training is also referred to as CR&B (Customer Relations and Billing) and is arranged by industry aware and subject matter experts so that stud..
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SAP IS – Utilities course at low cost - Best trainers

SAP ISU Training is designed to help to you optimize your business operations, improve the return on your assets and identify potential new products and deliver them to boost your growth potential. SAP ISU course is equipped with the everything you need from smart grid analytics to energy revolution management to become the best run utility.Here are some of the benefits of implementing SAP IS in a..
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