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SAP IS Retail system is an integrated approach in retailing industry which serves as the most efficient means of mapping the complete business processes in a retail organization. It deals most effectively with a variety of retail formats, the logistics associated with retail industry and also its distribution scenarios. This SAP module is a handy one for the retailers to carry out their business processes in an optimized manner benefitting through cost and time saving methodologies while implemented. SAP IS Retail helps in the overall management of all processes involved among the vendors, consumers and the retailers as well.

The SAP IS Retail online training curriculum is being designed with the following vital concepts: Introduction to SAP IS Retail, process of IS Retail, the structure of Retail, Working on Retail master data, Creating Articles, kinds of Articles, Working with Sales set, Dealing with Site Master Data, Grouping of Sites, Creating Sites, Centres for Distribution, Definition of Standard Storage Locations, Storing concepts, working on Purchase Data, dealing with master Data, Concepts of Buyer & vendor managed inventory, Listing the Assortment Options, Management of Assortment Operations, Creation of layout modules, Assortments and Assortment Users Integrations, procedures of Listing, The sales & purchase price calculations, Management of Promotions, Creation of promotions & its Execution, Pricing concepts, Warehouse Management System, Cross Docking Issues, Verification of Invoice functionalities, Merchandise procurement methodologies, Distribution of Merchandise through allocation planning and the Sales Order Management concepts in detail.

With such an in – depth curriculum in place, these SAP IS Retail courses provide a good knowledge on an efficient management of pricing mechanisms in retail industry,optimized merchandise planning and facilitates an effective forecasting methodology and also assists in a proper replenishment planning.


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