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The SAP IS Oil & Gas training concentrates on fulfilling the training needs of people specifically on solutions for Oil and Gas industries. The training also serves as a means to illustrate the real life situations, issues and challenges in the oil industry and the methodologies & techniques to overcome those most effectively.

The SAP IS Oil and Gas Training deals with various topics mentioned below:

1.Introduction to IS Oil – Basic concepts, HPM issues, IS Oil functional aspects, partners involved in SAP IS Oil

2.Hydrocarbon Product Management (HPM) – Overview of HPM, necessity of HPM in industry, QCI concepts, Silos in SAP and its concepts

3.Working with HPM Master Data & Transaction Data –Master Data concepts, Material Master dealing, Tank Master Usage, Product & Customer compatibility

4.Bulk Transport & Distribution –Planning Shipments, Delivery Planning, Pipeline transfer concepts, and structure of SD Organization, TD and SAP.

5.Pricing Oil –Overview of oil pricing, Components of oil pricing, factors influencing oil pricing, time specific pricing system, date specific pricing system, pricing quotations

6.Oil Exchange –Concepts of Oil Exchange, Exchange Balance, functioning through exchange agreements, the parties in oil exchange business, partners in oil exchange.

7.Projects & Assignments on SAP IS Oil and Gas

These are the various topics included in the study along with mini projects based on the real time scenarios of the oil & gas industries. Such case studies assist in the detailed study of all concepts of the subject.

The striking features of online training include valuable presentations by experienced professionals & key SAP personnel, case studies implementing innovative strategies and an opportunity to discuss with high end professionals of the industry.


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