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SAP Investment Management is a component module of SAP which facilitates planning, investment and financial functions of an enterprise. It deals with various financial aspects such as making capital investments, R & D investments, programs for maintenance and other such activities. This course is based on the software ECC 6.0 version which focusses on issues such as customization of SAP Investment programs, Appropriation requests, Information system working, Working on Orders / Projects etc.The SAP Investment Management online course deals with 4 major topics which are SAP Investment Programs Customization, Appropriate Requests, Measures (Orders / Projects) and Investment Management – Information System.

Customization of SAP Investment Programs include an introduction of SAP Investment management, the components of an investment program, planning process of Investment programs, Budgeting of Investment programs, Status Management, Customization of Investment programs, Uploading Investment programs and Downloading Investment programs.

The Appropriate Requests section deals with an overview of Appropriate Requests, the processing concepts of Appropriate Requests, Processing of Variants, Status Management, Planning costs for Appropriate Requests, Planning Revenue for Appropriate Requests and process approval for Appropriate Requests.

The third section, Measures, provides training on the investment measures with the following concepts, namely – Introduction to Investment measures, Acquisition concepts, Process of Ordering, Down Payment issues, Activity Allocations, Overhead concepts, Retirements, Transfers, Depreciation details, settling the Investment Measures & Rules, Interest in under construction phase and other measures related concepts.

The Investment Management section deals with reporting issues, simulation of Depreciation, Cost planning methodologies; basic reporting functions and reporting from Investment program viewpoint.

These are the various sections covered during the SAP Investment Management Online training program partnered with various practical sessions for a clear understanding of the subject of training.


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