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SAP Human Resources (HR) Training provides a wide coverage of HR topics such as Payroll Administration, Benefits Management, Talent Management, Organizational Management, Time Management and Personnel Administration. These HR topics are being taught from the basics to advanced features & functionalities, practical sessions & demos, live interactive sessions and other such practical activities. The online instructors providing online training are well experienced with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to train the trainees on various HR related topics in the most efficient manner.

The various available courses in SAP HR training are listed below:

•Payroll Administration: This topic concentrates on imparting an in – depth knowledge of Payroll management and also provides a functional understanding of processing payrolls in SAP. It covers all concepts from the basic payroll organization to complex calculations & configurations of payroll.

•Benefits Management: This section deals with the administration of benefits, maintaining health plans, dealing with savings plans, management of credit plans and processing of benefits through SAP implementation.

•Talent Management: This is a module that covers the personnel development issues, its processes, functionalities and also configuration.

•Organizational Management: Introduction to organization concepts, overview of organizational management, staffing concepts, object maintenance details, generation of reports are the various topics covered under the organizational management section.

•Time Management: The concepts of positive time management and negative management are dealt with during the course. Along with it, various other issues such as data recording timing issues, time manager’s workplace, customization of time management concepts are all being taught with the most advanced tools and techniques.

•Personnel Administration: In depth training on concepts like hiring, changes in pay scale, pay rate modifications, absence issues, termination concepts and other such personnel related issues is provided during this particular section.

SAP HR training is a mass module that has been spilt up into various sections, each section dealing with innumerable vital concepts necessary for an effective HR management in an organization.


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