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Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) is a high level programming language that has been used widely for programming the SAP application server. HR ABAP is very much similar to ABAP except for its methodology of data retrieval from the databases. Generally, data is stored in tables but in HR ABAP, the data are stored and manipulated using Infotypes. ABAP HR is nothing but an integral part of ABAP.

The prerequisites for a trainee to take up this SAP HR – ABAP course is the knowledge of ABAP programming concepts, concepts related to logical databases and familiarity with SAP Scripts. Do not panic if you haven’t any, because training will be provided from the basics if requested.

SAP HR – ABAP Course Outline

1.Overview of Human Resources

- HR Module introduction

- HR Technical overview & HR functional overview

- Personnel Administration

- Organizational Management

- Payroll & Time management

2.HR Programming Concepts

- Logical Database PNP

- Infotypes

- Database Structure

- Data Retrieval

- Logical Database PCH and PAP

- Using LDBs and Macros

3.Custom Infotype Creation and Management

- Customer Infotypes

- Enhancements in Infotypes

- Data models in HR

- Tables in HR

4.Payroll Management

- Payroll processing

- Payroll reporting concepts

- Entering and organizing payroll data

5.Payroll Programming

- Overview of Payroll Clusters

- Implementing Clusters

- Payroll programming with Clusters

6.Concept of Authorizations

- Authorization checks

7.Reporting Mechanisms

- Overview of Reporting

- Methods of reporting

- Payroll and time management Infotypes

8.Evaluation Concepts

- Techniques of modularization

- Performance Tuning mechanism

- Requirement Analysis


Wide coverage of subjects is assured during the online SAP HR – ABAP course focussing on as many topics as possible. This online training serves to be the most efficient and effective one for anyone who takes up this course.


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