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Alignment of all corporate resources with business objectives are absolutely for any organization. Human Capital Management (HCM) helps in aligning the Human Resources (HR) of an organization with the overall business objectives so as to attain more effective results in business. HCM is a system that helps in the integration of employees and strategies to attain the business objectives.

SAP HCM software has proved itself by optimizing the contribution of employees through the alignment of their skills, incentives & activities with the overall business strategies. The software also takes help of few tools & techniques to gauge and reward the contributions of the employees to the organizations. Of late, the HR departments have all been adapting themselves to the SAP HCM technology for a better management of their Human Resources which in turn enhances the employee productivity and employee satisfaction.

SAP HCM features the automation of employee administration, time management, patrol management, to cope with the changing local & global HR regulations, facilitates evaluation of employee’s contribution to the organization, assists in hiring the right people for the right job, judging where talent exists and training them and to align the HR with the overall business motive.

SAP HCM Course Outline

1. Introduction –SAP, its architecture, modules, SAP HCM, HR modules

2. Recruitment & Personnel Development –Recruitment cycle, Training, Personnel development, Different personnel actions, overview of Infotypes and Infogroups, Important Infotypes, important Transaction codes and features

3. Employee Benefits & Cost Management –Employee benefits, Enrollment processing, Cost planning of Personnel and Compensation management

4. Time management - Overview of Time Management module, Attendance types, Absence Types, Work Schedules, break schedules, public holidays, counting rule, deduction rule, overtime concepts, maintaining time Infotypes, important transaction codes and features

5. Payroll Management – Introduction to Payroll management module, Payscale structures, Period parameters, Date Modifiers, Wage type models, Allowances, Overview of payroll run, remuneration statements, processing class, cumulation class, evaluation class, maintenance of payroll Infotypes, important transaction codes & features

6. Organizational Management –Overview of Organizational management, designing Organization structure, configuring organizational structure, Organization units, interfaces of organization management, staffing concepts, general & matrix structures

The aforementioned course curriculum provides a maximum coverage on the SAP HCM implementation in organizations which is being taught through various practical implementations and technologies.


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