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SAP HANA is a real time platform with an in memory database that handles various applications and analytics in the most efficient manner. The real time analytics handled by SAP HANA includes Operational Reporting operations, Data Warehousing concepts, Analysis on Big Data. The real time applications dealt with by SAP HANA are Planning Applications, Optimization Applications, Core Process Accelerators and also Sense & Response Applications.

Its striking features can be listed as: Efficient handling of big data, higher processing speed, enhanced text mining ability, powerful platform that delivering innovative solutions, assistance in faster decision making, faster execution of complex queries and predictive functionality.

The online SAP HANA training provides a wide coverage of various subjects of the course such as Overview of SAP HANA, its Architecture, Provisioning data in SAP HANA, Modeling and Reporting features, SAP BO for Office, SAP BO Dashboards, Web Intelligence concepts, SAP HANA Modeling, Advanced Modeling concepts in SAP HANA, Hierarchies of SAP HANA Modeling,Currency Conversions & Calculation processes, Information processing Models, Provisioning Data concepts, Implementing SAP DXCs, SQL concepts of SAP HANA, Reading data from tables, Implementation of Clauses, Accessing Databases, Various statements of SQL, Grouping concepts, Granting Privileges, Revoking Privileges, transactions in a Database, Synchronization concepts, Working with Functions, Optimized Objects of SAP HANA, Concepts of SPOs, SAP BW on SAP HANA, DSO, HANA and DB Connect, Layered Scalable Architecture and advanced SAP HANA concepts & techniques.

The online training course has been designed in a such a manner that it covers all necessary topics on the subject imparting all knowledge needed for the trainees to face the real life scenarios in the industry that they work.


SAP HANA System Access – SAP HANAS/4 to SAP HANA SP11

SAP HANA is the Platform for Next-Generation Applications and Analytics Where Diffywap gives cost Effective Cheapest SAP HANA System AccessE-mail - Pay for 2 Month - Get 3 Month - All HANA Integration combination Available - New Combination will Available Based upon Customer request -E-mail - Click- HANA System..
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