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SAP GRC is a module that assists in the creation of the nervous system of an enterprise by identifying their risks & opportunities at the right time and taking a prompt decision to tackle the situation.GRC stands for Governance, Risk & Compliance that guides an enterprise in implementing its policies efficiently and ensuring that all business activities are going in the right direction as expected.

SAP GRC Access Control 10.0 is the latest version introduced with various enhancements in its features, functionalities and integrations. Here is a glimpse of the advanced functionalities of GRC 10.0 which includes a robust RAR with an enhanced framework, enables bulk data handling, permits customization in reporting as per the user requirements, significant enhancement in drill down feature of reporting, easier Mitigation functionality, enhances auditor’s convenience, centralization of emergency access management, centralization of Compliant User Provisioning, Role mining feature included, generation of Crystal Reports and facilitates a tighter integration with SAP IDM 7.2 which boosts up the user access management.

These have been the innumerable enhancements in SAP GRC 10.0 which are all being taught during your online training course. Training is being given with up to date information on the latest features, technologies, functionalities and methodologies. The course outlines all concepts from the basics to the advanced ones with practical sessions conducted for an in-depth understanding. It’s time for you to browse through the list of reputed online institutes listed on this platform and select the one that meets up to your expectations.

Familiarity in SAP GRC enhances the skill set of any professional qualifying them to become a part of any reputed organization of their choice.


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