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SAP FS – CD (Collections and Disbursements) is a SAP module that assists in handling insurance tasks such as insurance settlements, acceptance of payments, collection of payments, interest calculation and other such functions of insurance. It works more effectively through its integration with other SAP modules such as Financial Asset Management, Policy Management, Claims Management and Reinsurance Management. SAP FSCD assures the most secured and automated way of handling payments which includes both incoming and outgoing payments.

The features and functionalities of FSCD include mapping procedures of master data, dealing with Payment plans, using Documents, advanced payment handling methodologies, identifying & managing payment requests, Agent Handling issues, working with balance display, archiving, dunning functionality, coinsurance feature, integrating functionalities, customer enhancement options and many other advanced ones.

The course contents of SAP FSCD online training focusses on covering the topics of the subject which are vital for an efficient functioning of an enterprise along with its practical implications in real life scenario. Practical sessions and case studies provide a clear knowledge on the course. SAP FSCD online training course deals with topics such asWorking on master Data, Insurance Objects & relationships, Course Introduction, Dealing with Documents, payment issues, Processing of returns, Calculation methodologies of Interest,Processing Incoming Payments, Dunning concepts, Instalment plans and policies,determination of transactions, account determination, security issues, integration with other modules, working on reversal of documents, credit worthiness overview, maintaining accounts and individual value adjustments.

These have been the topics covered during training along with lectures from well experienced instructors who are well exposed to the industry. Online training experience is made interesting through online chats on the topics covered, interactive discussions, role plays, case studies and practical lab sessions which make the training process to be anunique & interesting one.


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