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SAP ESS (Employee Self Service) is a SAP application that facilitates the employees to enter, edit, update and display their information in an organization by themselves without any third person involved. This web based functionality covers various aspects of the employees such as the timings of work, employee search, payment issues, benefits of employees, corporate information, qualifications, travel management etc.

SAP MSS (Manager Self Service) is a web based functionality that permits managers in an organization to update, manage or generate reports of the information of their subordinates. SAP ESS and MSS largely contribute to the reduction in the workload of the Human Resource Department wherein such resources can be diverted to some other productive activity.

The highlights of the SAP ESS MSS online training are delivery models of self service, customized self - service application developments, delegation management, substitution management and its integration with organizational management & personnel management. Additional features of SAP ESS MSS are it assists in streamlining processes, improvisation in the flow of information within the organization, enhanced reporting functionalities, improvement in transparency within the enterprise, constant monitoring resulting in improved response time, reduce the routine workload of HR departments and many such highlighting features.

Topics such as Overview of Self – Service, Self – Service Delivery models, working with Self - Service Applications, Common Applications for ESS & MSS, Foundation of ESS & MSS, Installing ESS & MSS, Configuration and set up, components of ESS applications, MSS framework, OADP, delegation aspects, concepts of Workflows, Authorization Management, Structural Authorizations, Privacy of data, Self – Service enhancements and Case studies on SAP ESS MSS are all being covered during the SAP ESS MSS online training course. Join the course and get the most out of it !


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