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SAP Enterprise Portal (EP) facilitates a well - structured integration of the applications, information and functionalities across an organization which helps in the development of a single integrated tool for implementing & managing the business processes.SAP EP unifies the information and application platform of an enterprise and facilitates alignment of information, employees and process across an enterprise.

SAP EP provides innumerable benefits to an organization like it helps in a proper decision making of the enterprise, provision of accurate information across the organization, serves as a single pool of information access, facility of accessing any needed information from anywhere, reduction in the system development & support costs associated and also serves as a string foundation for various next generation technologies such as APO, BI, CRM etc.

The curriculum of SAP EP can be listed as:

1.SAP EP Overview – SAP Portal basic concepts, Navigation issues, SAP NW introduction, SAP ECC, Backend technologies in SAP, Overview of SAP Business modules, Overview of Application Architecture

2.SAP Solution Offering - Overview of Enterprise Services Architecture and System Architecture

3.SAP NetWeaver Portal – Basics, Infrastructure, Platform contents and safety aspects

4.SAP Web AS ABAP Administration –Introduction, Configuration procedures, monitoring SAP systems, Patching concepts and Scheduling

5.SAP Web AS Java Administration –Overview, begin and end process of SAP Web AS Java, handling Logistics, User management, Configuration aspects, patching issues and Scheduling

6.SAP NW Portal Components – concepts of Internationalization & Personalization, JSP concepts

7.Portal and Web Services

8.SAP Portal System Administration –SAP module integration, integrating applications, Accessing back end systems, authentication issues, user administration, security management, management of solutions, modifications in designs and advanced concepts of portals.

These are the various topics covered in the SAP EP online training course which takes help of practical sessions for a better in – depth understanding.


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