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SAP E-Recruiting is an end – to - end web enabled application that takes complete control of the recruiting process in organizations and streamlines them. This application enables organizations to keep track of their applicants and generate reports which help in monitoring the effectiveness of the recruiting organization.

Appreciable features of SAP E-Recruiting:

• Takes care of the entire recruitment process from planning to hiring & retaining employees;

• Screening & Selection Tools – to help dealing with a high number of applicants;

• Analytical Tools – to analyse and come up with effective recruitment strategies for the enterprise;

• Tracking & Reporting tools –to monitor the effectiveness of the recruiting enterprise;

• Sets up a link / collaboration between the recruiting enterprise and external recruitment sources like job boards etc.

SAP introduced its first SAP E-Recruiting module – release 2.0 in the year 2003 which was followed by subsequent releases such as 3.0, 6.0, enhancement package EhP1 for release 6.0, EhP3 for release 6.0, EhP4 for release 6.0 and the latest being EhP5 introduced in 2010. Enhancement packages need to be used most efficiently by the organizations to achieve the maximum out of the SAP E-recruiting module.

The latest features and functionalities included in the module and enhancement packages are Delta Customization options, Personalization facilities, Resume Parsing options, Background checking, Navigation of Work Center, Creation of Requisition & posting functionalities, Searching for candidates, Tracking of applicants, tracking candidate profiles, Entering applications with resume parsing, easy comparison of candidate profiles side –by-side, efficient candidate registration & application, enhanced support to drive a company’s talent pool of more quality & quantity, integration with HR facilitates processes through re-using the already available candidate profiles and many more.

Through the online SAP E-Recruitment course, the trainees get to know about the process of recruiting, SAP E-Recruitment Basics, Requisition Management, Candidate Management, Administration, Components for Integration, Authorization Management and Report generation. Also, the online course focuses on the latest versions, features and functionalities of the SAP E-Recruiting module.


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