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SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW) is a business intelligence platform that provides data warehousing functionality and business intelligence tools that assists businesses to achieve their goals & objectives.

SAP BW 7.3 has been the latest version of the application with newer capabilities and enhancements. The benefits of SAP BW 7.3 are: enhanced scalability & performance for a faster decision making, extensibility of BW Accelerator functionality, increased flexibility through Business Objects BI and EIM integration, enhanced integration using SAP Business Objects Information Steward, improved development efficiency through Semantic Partitioned Objects, Reduction in TCO, enhanced operational management through Admin Cockpit integrated with SAP Solution Manager, Simplified Wizard based system configuration, Automated tool support to reduce development efforts, enhanced delta functionalities, improved administration of process chainsand other such advanced features.

The course topics include creation of graphical data flows, overview of semantic partitioned objects, hybrid providers, advanced BW Accelerator features & functionalities, calculation engine working, data indexing, MultiProvider handling, near line storage capabilities, process chain monitoring tools, new administration cockpit features, designing dashboard user interfaces and more advanced features.

At the end of this online course, you will be able to gain essential skills for the successful implementation and maintenance of SAP BW 7.3. The online training institutes provide a full suite of SAP courses that assists you to leverage the various SAP solutions in order to drive greater proficiency for your organization. SAP BW online course helps you run your business in a better and a more competent manner. So, it’s time for you to register yourselves for your SAP courses online and derive the maximum benefits from it.



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