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SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) is a module of SAP that assists in planning, budgeting and forecasting various processes from simple ones to complex ones in an enterprise along with consolidation & reporting features that facilitate future planning of various activities.

Prominent features of SAP BPC are: It is multi - dimensional which helps to slice and dice the data as per the user requirements; It is Dynamic; Well - built Workflow Management which helps enterprises to keep track of its progress; Integration with MS Office enables to in – corporate its results through MS Word or PowerPoint applications; Zero foot print facility; Allows to store Comments of users.

Knowledge of SAP BPC is vital because it has been implemented by various multinationals and huge corporations for their planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidating and reporting activities. The SAP BPC market is evolving each day and there is an appreciable demand for SAP BPC skilled resources.

The latest release of the module is SAP BPC 10.0 which has been introduced with newer features in addition to the features that came up with its previous version. The improvisations in SAP BPC 10.0 include:

• Replacement of SAP GUI environment with Web – based environment;

• Improvements in SAP BPC 10.0 Excel environment;

• Microsoft Ribbon functionality, EPM & Data Manager to simplify reporting process;

• More flexibility in the report design process;

• SAP BPC 10.0 supports almost all Ev functions;

• Enhancements in the migration tool;

• Integration of a new EPM add-in;

• Enhancements in Navigation environment;

• Enhancements in the Reporting environment;

• Inclusion of new improved functions called EPM functions;

• Improved EPM suite integration;

• Improved Hierarchy Management & Logic Script Editor;

• Processing Large dimensions of data;

• Efficient functioning of Data Manager to support large records at a time;

• Enhanced Member selector & many more..

These are the various enhancements in SAP BPC 10.0 which are also covered during the SAP BPC online course. Practical lab sessions are also conducted alongside with the theoretical concepts to impart a better understanding of the concepts to the trainees. Trainees need not panic on the course syllabus because all concepts are being taught by the instructors from the basic to the advanced version features & functionalities of SAP BPC.


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