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SAP Business Objects (BOBJ) enable encapsulation of R/3 data and the business processes of an organization and also hiding the structure of the underlying data which is implemented through a series of multiple layers. The layers of the business objects which facilitate the encapsulation process are the kernel, the integrity layer, the interface layer and the access layer. These business objects are usually invoked through methods designed for the purpose. The SAP BOBJ online training curriculum is mentioned in the paragraph that follows.

SAP Business Objects Overview, Business Objects Universes, the Universe Development Cycle, Understanding concepts of classes & objects, Working on Methods, Working with Universe Structure, Measure Objects, Loops concepts in Business Objects, Working with SQL traps, Implementation of functions with Objects, Dealing with Hierarchies, Universe Management, Linking of universes, Concepts of Derived tables, Working with Indexes, Working on Web Intelligence, Queries, Query Filters, Reporting features & functionalities, Formatting reports & documents, Using formulas for calculations, using variables, Data Analysis, Business Objects Explorer, Business Objects Dashboards and Advanced topics in BO.

SAP Business Objects BI 4.1 has come up with various striking features like core stability & capacity enhancements, additional functionalities in self – service, newer techniques in dash boarding, advanced mobile BI, enhance support for updated platforms, Platform Administration Improvements, Improvisation in Service dependency and other such advanced features. The SAP BOBJ online training has been tailored keeping in mind the requirements of the organizations of the present day world. Therefore, after the online training course on SAP BOBJ, the trainees will be in a full fledge to compete with the other professionals in the field with a better knowledge & skill set.


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