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SAP BI (Business Intelligence) is a SAP module that helps a lot in business decision making by assisting the business executives in taking prompt decisions.SAP BI uses a variety of tools & techniques to analyse the business data and business processes to come up with a final decision.The business intelligence, analysis, reporting and data warehousing functionalities produced by SAP AG were all termed as SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse. But, now the term has been changed to SAP BI at the end user level.

SAP BI facilitates an easy access to data without IT involvement, easy analysis of the data, fosters an enhanced collaborative environment, enhanced performance tracking, higher accountability with reference to the key performance indicators, speedy responses in case of exceptions, high speed responses when events occur, enhanced scalability which facilitates faster decision making, enhanced performance due to accelerated data loads, provides the next level performance for BI Accelerator and enhanced flexibility through SAP business objects & EIM integration. These are the various benefits of implementing SAP BI in an organization.

SAP BI 7.3 has been the latest version introduced with prominent additive features like inclusion of Hybrid providers, data flow copies, data flow migration, advanced BO analysis and semantically partitioned InfoProvider. The online SAP BI training covers the aforementioned striking features as well as the other topics of the subject such as Data Warehouse fundamentals, architecture, BI Platform, Administrator Work Bench, BI suite, Business Explorer (BEx), BI Java SDK, Open Analysis Interfaces, Web design API,ODS, PSA, InfoSource, InfoPackage, Transfer & Update rules, Using flat files, loading data using flat files, Managing Delta using ODS, MultiProviders, Process chains, Data marts, InfoSpokes, Aggregates, Delta Management, loading master data, Real time Data Acquisition, Query concepts, Web Application Designer, Report designer, InfoSets, UDC, BI integrations and many other advanced topics in BI.


SAP Professional Training at PURES, Toronto

Pures College provides the best SAP Training in Toronto. Our Trainers are the most experienced SAP Consultants with more than 10 years of work experience.At Pures, we provide training for1. SAP BI/BO/CRM/FICO/HR/MM/SD2. Excel + VBA3. SAP BI Project, which is a simulation of the REAL SAP PROJECTS designed by experienced SAP consultants based on REAL business scenarios which is equivalent to the REA..
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