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SAP Advanced Planning and Optimizer (APO) is the arranging segment inside the mySAP SCM result. APO is an acronym for Advanced Planner and Optimizer. This is an expansive segment of SAP's New Dimension items. APO is a whole suite of inventory network organizer requisitions that expand the general information of the inventory network and furnish gauging, arranging and enhancement.
There are eight requisition levels inside SAP APO:
· System configuration,
· Supply system arranging,
· Interest arranging,
· Preparation arranging and
· Itemized planning,
· Arranging transportation and vehicle booking,
· Worldwide accessibility and
· Inventory network coordinated effort.
Arrangement of SAP APO
Synchronize supply with an interest in the worldwide chain by equalizing push and force system arranging procedures and by taking care of renewal and processing dependent upon real request.
APO segments
APO Demand Planning (DP):
Ascertain and verify future interest to enhance request quality and correctness. Enhanced figures quality by utilizing one instrument for force and business clients and combined interest arrangement (diverse districts, nations, branches, for instance)
APO Supply Network Planning (SNP):
Figures amounts to be generated and conveyed to the areas to match client request and keep up sought administration levels. To build perceivability over the by and large storage network, and improve sourcing and limit use. SNP additionally decreased stock levels and enhanced client administration.
PP (Production Planning) conveys a fleeting arrange that matches general supply to request, given accessible assets and handling philosophy.
Also DS (Detailed Production Scheduling) confirms optimal preparation grouping for execution to meet conveyance duties dependent upon real imperatives on the shop floor.
APO worldwide Available-to-Promise (gATP):
Online data about the latest state of arrangement permits request guaranteeing that will execute after the clients' desire. Take care of the demand conveyed all around the store network with the best sourcing for the accessible inventories in the production network and to offer just what you can really offer.
APO Transportation Planning / Vehicle Scheduling (TP/VS):
Arrange and upgrade shipments for requests (bargains requests, buy requests, returns, as well as stock transport requests) and conveyances. Lessening of transportation expenses through progressed calculation, Use of vehicles could be enhanced, clear perceivability of vehicles / assets / requests and streamlined Shipments as far as most reduced transportation costs.
Course contents
Business acumen:
1. Foreword to APO BI/Data flow
2. Data relocate procedure
3. Transformation
4. InfoCube
5. InfoPackage
6. DataSource/PSA
7. InfoSource
8. Attributes
9. Characteristics
10. Key Figures
11. Texts
12. Navigational Attributes
Demand Planning:
1. Forewords, APO general idea
2. General idea of Demand preparation idea
3. Datamart, info-cubes as well as Demand preparation
For whom
This course is proposed for current or future undertaking parts of APO usage. This ought to be attended to by every one of the aforementioned who need to comprehend the standards of the framework to judge the suitability of business prerequisites and methodologies. The course incorporates the utilization of the individual transactions to furnish the abilities for run of the mill prototyping work in a task.


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