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Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) is a high level programming language that has been used widely for programming the SAP application server. A part of ABAP’s NetWeaver platform assists in building business applications. Programmers who are well versed in object oriented concepts as well as database concepts can easily gain a mastery over ABAP within a short span of time.

SAP ABAP consists of three main components, namely: ABAP Development Workbench which helps to easily access SAP’s development tools;ABAP Data Dictionary which is a storage of variable & parameter definitions; ABAP Repository Information which is a collection of programs developed using ABAP. SAP ABAP deals with a lot of modules / applications like ABAP Workbench, Menu Painter, Data Dictionary, Screen Painter, SAP script, ALE, EDI, Business server pages, Business connector, ALV reporting, Business Workflow, Internet application server, dialog programming, ABAP 00, Report painter, Report writer, EBP, ASAP methodology, ASAP Queries, IDOCS, LSMW, Smartforms and more.

SAP ABAP 7.4 has been the latest release with many interesting added features mentioned below:

• Embedded Analytics which assists in Real time analysis;

• Advanced Declarative & Functional ABAP language;

• Enables development like never before in Eclipse;

• Enhances User experience through ABAP language improvements;

• Facilitates easy mobile access;

• Decoupling business & IT facilitating flexibility;

• Faster time value using ABAP in the Cloud;

• Optimization of ABAP application development for SAP HANA;

• Implementation of the latest security standards;

• Improved Decision Service Management using Business rules functionality;

• Facilitates Bridge on-premise and cloud with SAP HANA cloud integration and many other features.

SAP helps in fine tuning the business processes and helps in achieving the day to day targets as well as long term business objectives. The online training courses have been designed with the main motive of providing a wider coverage of subjects in SAP ABAP – which includes all concepts from the basics to the latest version features & functionalities.


Training in ABAP and Workflow

Training in ABAP , Workflow, APO-ABAP, BI-ABAP, HR-ABAP, HCM Forms, Adobe forms and Workflow. Online training in ABAP , Workflow, APO-ABAP, BI-ABAP, HR-ABAP, HCM Forms, Adobe forms and Workflow. APO-ABAP: APO-DP and SNP overview, CIF (Core interface) “ Introduction to CIF, Creation / Activation / Generation of IM Data transfer using Queues , Processing and debugging of queues. Introductio..
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