Private Ethereum Blockchain Consortium in AWS using EC2

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Even since the potential uses of blockchain technology have started to get attention many entities have begun to join the force thus forming consortiums and working groups to further explore the technology. Over time Ethereum has gained so much weight as a very reliable protocol thus enabling the creation of seamless and flexible blockchain solutions. Many heavyweights from various industry domains joined forces to create an alliance called as the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance which has become one of the largest blockchain alliance and the members are not just the companies but also various entities.

So the development of the various technologies has taken place and the trainers who are registered at Benchfolks will be teaching you Private Ethereum Blockchain Consortium in AWS using EC2 Ubuntu servers training course with how to setup and to configure your own Private Ethereum-based Blockchain on an AWS cloud using EC2 Ubuntu Servers. The students will also get to setup the first few nodes and get the command line access using the SSH as well as the Geth. Ethereum is an open blockchain platform that was built to support decentralized applications aka the DApp or small contracts. The platform also has large developers as well as developers to support and to help build the applications better and faster.

Private Ethereum Blockchain Consortium in AWS using EC2 training course contents

The Ethereum Virtual machine course will begin with an introduction to the blockchain, Ethereum and Baas which is Blockchain-as-a-Service, overview and the definitions, storage, server, cloud and tech, Ethereum and smart contract, how smart contracts work, examples, public versus private blockchain, transaction distribution and executions, conflict resolutions, how to use a blockchain, security and attacks, how to setup own private or own blockchains, introduction to Baas, services inside a Baas, setting up a private Ethereum blockchain on AWS Cloud and Azure, setting security groups and Ubuntu servers, Installing Geth client and to configure Ethereum nodes, enable the mining and checking the balance in wallet in the other, setting up a metamask and testing fund transfer, summarizing, Azure Baas: configuring consortium and testing fund transfer.

Once you complete the EC2 Servers course you will be able to create and connect and use your own personal Ethereum based blockchain consortium or a network. You can be able to see how the fund transfer functionality is working and through online course, you will get to go through the practical parts too where you will be launching the servers and the clients and manage to launch and connect multiple nodes. Choose certification providers of EC2 courses and enroll with them to get placement chances.

The course has also been designed for students who want to work on Ethereum blockchain project and professors who want to teach blockchain and for entrepreneurs, who want to build the products on Ethereum blockchain and for investors who want to assess their start-ups for investment and it is best suited for employees who want to work on their office projects using MultiChain. You can check out the complete descriptions and preview the lectures and join the practical learning of the Ethereum blockchain. Get certification in hand and gain placement chances as well.


Private Ethereum Blockchain Consortium in AWS using EC2 Providers


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