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Oracle Warehouse Builder is an extensible data integration, data quality solutions platform, full-featured data integration, data warehousing, data quality and metadata management solution designed for the Oracle database. Oracle Warehouse Builder(OWB) can be extended fully to manage metadata specific to any application and can integrate with new data sources and target types and implement support for new data access mechanisms across platforms, enforce best practices for your organization and foster the reuse of components across solutions. Oracle Warehouse Builder is an integral part of Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and is installed as default as part of every database installation.

The main feature areas of Oracle Warehouse Builder include: Data modeling and design, Extraction, Data profiling and data quality, Transformation, and Load (ETL), Metadata management, Business-level integration of ERP application data, advanced data lineage, impact analysis and Integration with Oracle business intelligence(OBI) tools for reporting purposes.

We at Benchfolks have experienced trainers with knol to train professionals for improving their technology skills to day to day needs. Trainers also offer most of the course online with virtual classroom to serve the IT aspirants. At Benchfolks we also have the best trainers registered with us who provide excellent lab infrastructure along with detailed course material. You can also learn content tailored to match your organization's specific needs where you set the date & time and trainers deliver it.

Oracle Warehouse Builder course contents

OWB trainers have designed the Oracle Warehouse Builder course by keeping in mind the market requirements and are as follows: installing and setting Up the Warehouse Builder Environment, understanding the Warehouse Builder Architecture, getting Started with Warehouse Builder, defining ETL Mappings for Staging Data, defining Source Metadata, using the Data Transformation Operators, cleansing and Match-Merging Name and Address Data, using Process Flows, deploying and reporting on ETL Jobs, managing backups, using the Mapping Debugger, enhancing ETL Performance development changes and security, administrative Tasks in Warehouse Builder, integrating with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBI EE), managing Metadata, accessing Non-Oracle Sources, designing Mappings with the Oracle Data Integration Enterprise Edition License, right-Time Data Warehousing with OWB, defining Relational Models and more concepts of Relational Dimensional Modeling, modeling Multidimensional OLAP Dimensions and cubes.

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