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A data warehouse is a database designed to enable business intelligence activities and it helps the users to understand and enhance their organization's performance. It is designed for query and analysis of historical and present data rather than for transaction processing. It usually contains historical data derived from transaction data but can include data from other sources too. Oracle Data warehouses separate analysis workload from transaction workload and enable an organization to consolidate data picked from several data sources. In addition to a relational database a data warehouse environment can include extraction, transportation, transformation, and loading like an ETL solution, statistical analysis, reporting, data mining capabilities and client analysis tools. They help to manage the process of gathering data, transforming it into useful, actionable information, and delivering it to business users.

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Oracle Data Warehouse course contents

Oracle Data Warehouse course has the following contents Data Warehousing overview, Business Intelligence, OLAP, Data Mining, Data Warehouse Concepts and Terminology, Business, Logical, Dimensional, and Physical Modeling, Database Sizing, Storage, Performance and Security Considerations, The ETL Process like Extracting Data, Transforming Data, Loading Techniques, Postprocessing of Loaded Data, Materialized Views for Summary Management, Extraction, Transformation and Loading Metadata, testing the Implementation and Post Implementation Change Management.

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Get a brief overview of the contents and choose from the various courses offered below. We at Benchfolks have trainers who also provide Oracle Datawarehouse online training for users who can't attend courses in person. Begin your journey into the world of database warehousing. You can refer to the detailed course details below and select the trainers of your choice.

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