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Open source training provides a multidisciplinary overview of best practices in Open Source Software Management. Open source refers to software's which are freely available on the internet and can be used and customized as per user's needs. Since open source is now found everywhere having a good working knowledge of open source licensing and compliance is very critical to build, deploy applications. It�s multi-disciplinary as in most of the various environments managing the use of Open Source Software requires the participation of business executives, legal team, software architecture designers, software coders who develop, software administrators who maintain and product management. One of the most significant challenges in Open Source Management is integrating these functions into one taking all the different points of view into coherence.

At Benchfolks we have a huge list of trainers who offer the list Open Source training course online in which they are not classroom based as well as offline training. This training is being provided by real time experts who have many years of experience in the IT industry. The course is explicitly designed to help individuals/users to understand how each role is and understand the key aspects of the other roles.

Open source course contents

The open source training course contents include Apache courses- introduction to apache web server and programing, apache web server. C course- introduction to c, customized c training, embedded c programing. C++ - summary to c++, advanced c++ programing, database courses- postgre sql courses, MySQL courses, relational database and data modelling, Linux- Linux technical overview, Linux fundamentals, Linux system administration, Linux shell programing, PHP courses, Perl courses, python courses, samba courses, UML courses, web development courses.

The training can be done by the students from anywhere in the world who are comfortable with the English. The Pupils can attend the online training course at their appropriate and flexible timings. Benchfolks has trainers who provide online IT training which is being conducted with a live environment in which the instructor and student interact using web conferencing tools.

From below the learner can select the trainer, know about the content and choose the courses offered by the trainers. The placement assistance will be provided to the student after doing the open source training courses. The students may also get the certification with our tie up companies which will help the user to get the job of their choice with the desired package.

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