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Course Syllabus:
1. Data warehousing/Dimensional modeling & SAP BW 7.3 Concepts
2. Database Concepts needed for Data warehousing
3. BOXI 4.1Architecture
4. Information Design Tool
5. Web intelligence 4.0
6. Crystal Reports for Enterprise
7. Dashboard Design Tool
8. Administration
9. Widgets
10. Webi-rich Client
11. Query as Web service
13. Business Objects Explorer 4.0
14. BI WorkSpace
15. BI Module
16. Information Steward
17. Security Implementation
18. OLAP Universe
19. Import Wizard\Publishing Wizard
20. Business View Manager
21. Live Office Reporting
22. BO-SAP Integration/Edge Series
23. BO-SAP HANA Integration
24. SAP Webi/Dashboard Reporting
25.CMC(central management console)
26.LCM (life cyacle manager ,creating LCMBIAR files for Transports,and for back up..)
25. BO XI Certification Guidelines
26. SAP BO BI 4.0 Launch pad
28. UNIT 1: Information Design Tool
29. UNIT 2: BI Launch Pad
30. UNIT 3: Dashboard Design Tool
31. UNIT 4: SAP BO 4.0, BW 7.3 Integration
34. UNIT 1: Designer Studio
35. UNIT 2: SAP Lumira
36. UNIT 3: Information Steward
37. UNIT 4:New Enhancements in Different Tools comparing with SAP BOB I 4.0

SAP BO BI 4.1 with SAP HANA 1.0 SPS6
COPA scenario (Designing the Universes and Reporting using various Reporting tools)
SALES scenario (Designing the Universes and Reporting using various Reporting tools)
Procurement scenario (Designing the Universes and Reporting using various

Data warehousing/Dimensional modeling/ SAP BW 7.3 Concepts
1. OLTP vs. OLAP
2. Types of OLAP
3. Multi Dimensional Modeling Of SAP BW 7.3
4. SAP BW 7.3 Cubes, DSO‚‚s ,Multi Providers, Infosets
5. Business Explorer (Bex) Queries in BW 7.3 system as Data sources
6. Data Flow in BW 7.3 and Activating Business Content Cube.
Database Concepts needed for Data warehousing
1. Joins & Cardinality
2. Views/Materialized Views
3. Date/Time Functions
BOXI 4.0 Architecture
1. Architectural overview
2. Client tier components
3. Application tier components
4. Intelligence tier
5. Processing tier
6. Data tier
7. Security management
8. Information
Information Design Tool (IDT)
1. Understanding Business Objects Universes
2. Creating the Course Universe
3. Building the Universe Structure
4. Creating Dimension Objects
5. Creating Measure Objects
6. Resolving Loops in a Universe
7. Resolving SQL Traps
8. Using List of Values
9. Applying Restrictions on Objects
10. Using @Functions with Objects
11. Using Hierarchies
12. Deriving Tables & Indexes
13. Working with Aggregate Awareness
14. Designing Advanced Objects
15. Creating Predefined Condition
16. LOVs & Joins
17. Securing Universes
18. Implementing Universe Life Cycle Mgmt
19. Maintaining & Optimizing Universes
20. Creating Universe from Other Data sources
21. Designing Universes on SAP HANA tables and views
22. Designing Universes on SAP HANA for COPA scenario, Sales Senario, Procurement Senarios

Universe Designer Tool ( UDT)

1. Understanding Business Objects Universes
2. Creating the Course Universe
3. Building the Universe Structure
4. Creating Dimension Objects
5. Creating Measure Objects
6. Resolving Loops in a Universe
7. Resolving SQL Traps
8. Using List of Values
9. Applying Restrictions on Objects
10. Using @Functions with Objects
11. Using Hierarchies
12. Deriving Tables & Indexes
13. Working with Aggregate Awareness
14. Designing Advanced Objects
15. Creating Predefined LOVs & Joins
16. Securing Universes
17. Implementing Universe Life Cycle Mgmt
18. Maintaining & Optimizing Universes
19. Creating Universe from Other Data sources
20. Designing Universes on SAP HANA tables and views
21. Designing Universes on SAP HANA for COPA scenario, Sales Senario, Procurement Senarios

Web intelligence 4.0

1. Understand concepts of Web intelligence
2. Create Web Intelligence documents with Queries
3. Restrict data returned by a query
4. Design a report
5. Enhance the presentation of data in reports
6. Creation of Web intelligence report with auto scheduling
7. Creation of Corporate dashboard for Supply chain mgmt/Banking Domain
8. Format a report
9. Calculate data with formulas and variables
10. Use multiple data sources
11. Analyze data
12. Manage and share Web Intelligence documents
13. Work with Advanced Query techniques
14. Work with calculation contexts
15. Create formulas with character & date string functions
16. Use If logic
17. Work with additional reporting techniques
18. Create hyperlinks
19. Desiging Webi reports Based on BEX query as Source
20. Designing Webi Reports Based on SAP HANA UNX universes.

Crystal Reports For EnterPrise

1. Planning a Report
2. Selecting Records
3. Formatting a Report
4. Representing Data Visually
5. Distributing Reports
6. Creating Basic Formulas
7. Organizing Data on a Report
8. Applying Section Formatting
9. Applying Conditional Reporting
10. Using the Repository
11. Using Report Templates
12. Creating Formulas
13. Building Parameterized Reports
14. Summarizing Data with Cross-Tabs
15. Using Report Sections
16. Managing Reports
17. Presenting Data Visually
18. Add hyperlinks to a report
19. Desiging Crystal reports i reports Based on BEX query as Source
20. Designing Crystal reports Reports Based on SAP HANA UNX universes

Dashboard Design Tool

1. Creating a Model
2. Adding Interactivity to a Model
3. Creating a Connected Model
4. Connect to Crystal Reports data and create Dashboard
5. Connect to Web intelligence report data and
6. Create Dashboard
7. Connect to Business Objects Universes
8. Using Query as a web service and create Dashboard
9. Use Live Office data and create Dashboard
10. Use other connectivity components and create Dashboard
11. Desiging Dashboard reports Based on BEX query as Source using QUERY BROWSER
12. Designing Dashboard reports Based on SAP HANA UNX universes QUERY BROWSER

Query as Web service

1. Configuring the QWS with BO System
2. Creating Web service report from Universes
3. Creating WSDL reports
4. Using WSDL reports in external application

BO Analysis 4.0 :

1. Gettg Started with Business Objects Analysis BW 7.3 ,SAP HANA as Source.
3. Creating Analysis Workspace using OLAP EDITION,BO analysis MS EXCEL,MS PPT.
4. Using Charts to Visualize Data
5. Selecting Members to Display in Crosstabs and Charts
6. Sorting, Filtering, and Ranking Data
7. Highlighting Exceptions in

BO Explorer 4.0

1)creating Information Spaces based on SAP HANA Analytical view, Spreed sheets, UNX Universes
2) Exploring the data Based on Information Spaces.


1. Installing BI Widgets
2. Using BI Widgets to Access BI Content
3. Working with widgets
4. BI Widgets Content Authoring Guidelines
5. Auto refresh of Widgets


1. Understand the Business Objects
2. Enterprise interface & architecture
3. Manage Business Objects Enterprise content
4. Secure Business Objects Enterprise content
5. Secure application security
6. Schedule content
7. Publish reports
8. Identify Business Objects Enterprise architecture
9. Perform common server management tasks
10. Manage the Business Objects Enterprise servers
8. Saving and Sharing ANALYSIS Workspaces

Security Implementation

1. Creating Secured users & group
2. Creation secured connections
3. Creation of Secured objects
4. Creation of security at Table, Column &row level
5. Creation of secured restriction set and mapping to users or groups

OLAP Universe

1. Creation of OLAP Universe by connecting to an Info cube
2. Updating the OLAP Universe (Cube)
3. Creating the Custom Hierarchies in OLAP Universes.
4. Accessing multiple info cubes to create an OLAP Universe

Live Office Reporting

1. Describe the benefits of using Live Office
2. Connect to the repository
3. Navigate the Live Office menu
4. Insert charts, crosstabs, and fields from a Crystal report
5. Insert report parts from a Web Intelligence document
6. Insert a new query based on a Universe
7. Insert Live Office objects into an email
8. Navigate and refresh Live Office objects
9. Enable consolidated prompts
10. Set refresh settings for objects
11. Set parameter binding
12. Take a snapshot
13. Save Live Office documents to the repository
14. Open and view Live Office documents from the repository

BO-SAP Integration/Edge Series

1. Understanding BO-SAP Integration kit
2. Configuring single sign on authentication
3. Creating SAP Authentication in BO
4. Importing the roles of SAP into BO
5. Entitlement settings of SAP & BO System

SAP Webi/Dashboard Reporting

1. Creation of Web intelligence reports using Info cube & BW Query
Installation of BOXI 4.0 suite with System/Audit/Performance mgmt Polestar/Business Explorer
1. Creating Polestar Reports
2. Configuring Pole star with BO System

1. Creation of Universes for COPA SENARIO(Fianace) SAP HANA as Source.
2. Creation of Universes for SALES SENARIO SAP HANA as Source.
Creation of Universes for \PURCHASE ORDERS SENARIO SAP HANA as Source

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