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Over the last few years there has been a rise of a new type of databases, known as No-SQL databases. They are challenging when compared to the dominance of relational databases. Relational databases have dominated the software industry for a long time providing the perfect and safe mechanisms to store data persistently, maintain concurrency control, consistent transactions and standard interfaces, mechanisms to integrate application data and reporting. The dominance of relational databases, however, is cracking. A NoSQL (Not-only-SQL) database has been designed to store, distribute and access data using methods that differ from relational databases. NoSQL technology was originally created and used by Internet leaders such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, and others who required database management systems. They could write and read data anywhere in the world scaling and delivering performance across massive data sets and millions of users.

We at Benchfolks have trainers enrolled here who provide NoSql training for the databases like Accumulo, Cassandra, Druid, HBase, Vertica,Apache CouchDB, Clusterpoint, Couchbase, DocumentDB, HyperDex, IBM Domino, MarkLogic, MongoDB, OrientDB, Qizx, RethinkDB. We have expert panel of trainers for each of the databases who can teach in online/offline method. Choose from the trainers below for more details.

NO-SQL course contents

The No-Sql course consists of distinguishing between the different types of NoSQL databases, understanding the impact of the cluster on database design, explanation the CAP theorem and the main points covered inside them, explanation will be given as to where HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4j and Redis fits with respect to the CAP theorem, investigation of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) with a foundation for NoSQL technologies, implementation of scripts using Apache Pig Latin for data mining files stored in HDFS, Description of how the design of Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, and Neo4j is made, Use of data control, its definition and manipulation languages of Neo4j, HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra and Redis.

With the growth of Big Data and agile development methodologies, NoSQL databases have gained quite a lot of relevance now. Today, almost every company and organization should deliver cloud applications that personalize their customerís experience with their business, with NoSQL being the database technology of choice for powering such systems. The trainers offer the Best Big Data and MySql courses here at Benchfolks which are world class and emphasis is on the real-time scenarios. Benchfolks offers placement and certification with the companies which are tied up by us.

Browse Benchfolks to find leading No-Sql providers online to learn the top courses in a smart way. Improve productivity and revenue and boost businesses against competition by selecting the best database. View course details about No-Sql training and select whichever database you want to enroll with your suitable training providers.

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NoSQL databases can store non-relational data on a super large scale, and can solve problems regular databases cant handle like indexing the entire Internet, predicting subscriber behavior, or targeting ads on a platform as large as Facebook.With over 150 NoSQL database types, it can be hard for a SQL professional to know where to start.In this NoSQL course, the trainer will be breaking down these..
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Top notch online NoSQL training right at your doorsteps. Explore the possibilities NoSQL databases that offer developers for unparalleled flexibility and performance. In this course, the trainer will be showing how to build an entire web application with CouchDB and introduces techniques such as querying with JavaScript, working with nested data, and creating views. They will also explain some of ..
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