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Neural networks are information processing paradigms that are inspired by the way our own human biological nervous system works such as the brain and helps to processes information. The key element that is the novel structure of the information processing elements which work in perfect unison which helps to sort and solve specific problems. Neural networks also learn by example as they are configured for a specific application such as for pattern recognition or data classification which is a learning process that involved systematic synaptic connections that exist which are true to neural networks.

We have many high rated trainers enrolled on Benchfolks to provide Neural Networks training and this instructor-led Boot Camp will provide you all the needed knowledge that you need to get on neural networks and for deep learning. The course is most suitable for Deep Learning, for machine learning researchers and for engineers who are interested in utilizing all the available tools that are a mostly open source. The trainer will make sure that he provides working examples along with lab exercises.

Neural Networks course contents

The Neural Networks course will begin with an introduction to the course and an outline of machine learning and neural nets, overview of the main types of neural network architecture, Learning the weights of a linear neuron, Learning to predict the next word, Object recognition with neural nets, Optimization, recurrent neural networks, Combining multiple neural networks, Boltzmann machine learning, Deep neural nets with generative pre-training, Modeling hierarchical structure with neural nets, Recent applications of deep neural nets, downloading the OpenNN and how to work with Neural Designer for descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics, OpenNN architecture and classes, Building a neural network application using a suitable neural network, Working with datasets, compiling with QT creator and how to integrate, test and debug applications.

The Neural Networks online training is specifically aimed at people who want to learn the basics of neural networks and their applications and how to run their own applications. They will know how the development of a concept of intelligent systems is being done plus most important achievement and the directions of development in neural networks are highlighted quite well which the student can know.

When the student gets to master deep learning then it paves a way at the very forefront of one of the most promising careers that it beholds and this opens to tremendous new career opportunities such as a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer. This course is also best suited for students who are in a Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence curriculum as this represents a rarefied opportunity to enhance their Machine Learning portfolio with an advanced, yet broadly applicable, a collection of vital techniques.

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