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MuleSoft ESB is the newest entrant in the market for integration. It is a platform which is a Java based and lightweight. It helps the developers to connect their applications into one easily and thus enabling them to exchange the date easily. It can also be used for integration purposes of the existing systems despite the various technologies that it going to use like JMS, JDBC, HTTP, Wen Services etc. Mule ESB can be deployed anywhere which has universal connectivity and can also manage the events in real time.

We at Benchfolks have many registered trainers who provide training on MuleSoft. MuleSoft Training is now said to be the new in-thing among most of the existing integration platforms. The trainers who have registered with us have experience in training large as well as short batches based on the time and number of people constraint. Some of the trainers are also working real-time and know what is currently going on in the industry. The entire course is designed in such a way that it is useful to a person who is a novice to an experienced professional.

MuleSoft course contents

MuleSoft EBS contents are summarized as given below: It includes an Introduction to Mulesoft ESB, what is a Mule and how it works, Mule basics such as Mule EBS, installation and AnyPoint ESB, Mule MMC, Mule Configuration as well as Flows and Message Processors, Making filters work in various environments, structure of Mule Message in detail, using lists and maps in MEL, HTTP listener and restful WebServices, File endpoint, Database endpoint, routing, exceptional handling, routers, domains, JMS, performance strategies, understanding deployment as well as app structure.

You can now join for the latest MuleSoft online training as well as offline from trainers who offer the best training and are the best industry experts. Online training can be coordinated on Skype where the timings can be fixed by the trainers or the students and the candidates who cant attend in person can also take live training on WebEx or GoToMeeting. The trainers have fixed their MuleSoft courses fees based on his/her experience and the training requirement of the candidate. The trainers provide Mulesoft Training which can be done on weekdays, weekends as well as in fast track mode.

There are also company vendors who provide certification and well as placement assistance. If you want to become a MuleSoft Certified Developer then you need to excel at many levels such as an Associate, Specialist and Professional. They can be classified as basic, moderate and advanced certification for MuleSoft. You can now register on the training portal Benchfolks and choose the trainer of your choice based on location. You can even view more details about the trainers, schedules, timings, duration and course details. You can now avail the training in all the major cities of USA. There is no pre-requisite for attending the course as anyone with an interest to learn the course is welcome to make careers.

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