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Microsoft database and development refers to monitoring and administering SQL Server databases, gaining extensive experience using SQL queries and tools to perform real-world tasks with SQL Management Studio and Transact-SQL. Database is now a must and should for MNC�s and all top organizations employ database developers. Only he can help protect your organization by using the knowledge gained in this course to correctly manage mission-critical databases. The relational database has been great tool for the public and private sectors for decades. With such explosive growth of Internet commerce, social networking and government-citizen interaction over the last few decades it has resulted in an explosion of database growth, activity and expanding functionality.

Benchfolks has a mission to provide large list of cost effective advanced training through trainers in all latest IT based technologies. Nowadays most of the employees/users prefer online training because the people can learn at their own pace. We have trainers who provide Online Microsoft database and development training which is private and one to one. It allows the learner to make use of the study material at their own need and convenience and they can go back and analyze the study material whenever they need.

Microsoft database and development course content

The course consist of the chapters that include an Overview to Microsoft database and development, Using Client Programs for Microsoft DBA Work, Obtaining Metadata, Server Installation, Administration and Upgrading, Configuring the Server, Interpreting Error Messages, Setting up Character Set Support, Configuring Log Files, Creating, Altering and Dropping Databases and Tables, Using Storage Engines, including the MyISAM and InnoDB engines, Table Maintenance, Locking and Transactions, Backup and Recovery, including Exporting and Importing, Securing the Server, Tuning Queries, Administering Users and Privileges, Tuning Tables and Indexes, Using the Event Scheduler, Tuning the Serv, Creating Partitioned Tables, Using Workbench, Replication.

The strategy of the training and their methods is to provide Microsoft database and development course learning from anytime, anywhere and at the student's own space. Once you complete the course placement assistance and Microsoft database and development certification through our tie up companies is provided for the betterment of careers.

You can refer to our Benchfolks site for and go to Microsoft database and development training by trainers listed below more details and choose the trainers of your choice. This is the most sought after in the industry right now as data is increasing in leaps and bounds.

Microsoft Database Development Training



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