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IBM websphere MQ is messaging application which acts as a bridge between the operating system and a database. This helps to simplify and quickens the amalgamation of different applications and the business data through various podiums. It uses the message queues to simplify the discussion of general information among systems, services and files, applications and to shorten the conception and to conserve the business applications. It helps to deliver the worldwide messaging with the extensive set of contributions to meet the enterprise with wide-range messaging essentials, this helps in the connectivity of the Internet of Things (IOT) and portable devices.

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IBM websphere MQ course contents

Learn IBM websphere MQ with our registered set of trainers who have given the course contents as follows. Introduction to the topic, review on websphere MQ with an example, securing websphere MQ channels with SSL, securing websphere MQ channels, usage of websphere mq review, securing access to websphere MQ, channel existence and dead letter queues, converting data combined with hands on exercises on using channel exit programs and dead letter queue handling, Monitoring and configuring websphere Mq for the performance, introduction to managed file transfers, cluster workload balancing, websphere MQ high availability, JMS administration, advanced client concepts, distributed publish/subscribe, introduction to managed file transfers.

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