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Data�s importance and its key role in the current day�s market is no secret. Extract, Load, transform � as the name says is the processes and technologies of finding the data, formatting it as needed and loading it to the relevant database systems for retrieval and usage. It is extremely important to make sure that the ETL processes around the data are reliable and accurate to ensure that the Business intelligence and systems are everything that is there.

ETL trainers at Benchfolks offer ETL training courses who are certified experts and who have many years of experience and who also are working professionals with multiple ETL project knowledge. We have trainers who have designed our ETL course and syllabus based on user�s requirement. The ETL Training offered by the trainers can also be taken by anybody from beginners to experts. Our ETL trainers have facilities that are equipped with good lab facility and excellent infrastructure Our ETL training course fees is value for money and are tailor-made for each student training requirement.

ETL training course contents

Trainers have included the training modules which includes Data Warehousing Concepts, ETL architecture, Challenges in DWH ETL Testing compare to other testing, ETL Testing Work flow, Types of ETL Testing, SQL Queries for ETL Testing, Incremental load testing, Different ETL tools available in the market, Power Center Components, Informatica Concepts and Overview, Transformations, Preparation of Test Cases, Preparing Sample data, Data validation in Source and target, Load and performance testing, Unit testing Procedures and Error handling procedures.

Today most of the large businesses all around the world must work with data in multiple formats extracted from multiple sources. All this makes ETL very important as it involves extracting, transforming and loading of data which are in huge amounts. Thus, there is a need in the industry for ETL and Data Warehouse domains. This training will equip you to take up good jobs in some of the biggest companies in the world. We have multiple tie ups with MNC�s who provide placements for our registered users.

We have trainers who provide online ETL training which the user can take up at the comfort of his time and place. You can refer below and choose from the list of trainers and know the course contents, type, duration and place. We at Benchfolks also have several long-term contracts with the best IT firms in US for providing placement, training services and we are also open for new assignments.

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Informatica Online Training on Live Projects

Informatica Online Training by Real Time Industry experts from H2KInfosys. We provide dedicated computer courses which provide ample of opportunities to survive in the present IT world. We support our learners to enrich their knowledge in all aspects. With our expertise in the field of IT Online Training, we are providing Informatica course customized to your needs.Here, you will be able to learn..
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ETL real time testingETL Online TrainingIntroduction to Data ware house, purpose of dwh with examplesDWH ArchitectureOLTP System vs OLAP SystemWhat is a fact table?What is a dimension table?Fact vs. DimensionWhat is star schema?What is snow flake schema?SCD Dimension and how they are used in realtimeModule - 2DWH Tools (different types of dwh tools)Types of data bases used in ETL testingexplaining..
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