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DevOps is a combination of various tools and the practices of an organization that increases its ability to deliver the applications at very high velocity. The products are all evolved and are improving at very faster pace compared to the firms that are still using traditional software development as well as infrastructure services. Basically, the developers are not split into groups and the whole product or application development happens by one team or individuals and the range of skills is many. This DevOps training is one of the most happening things in the market right now. At Benchfolks portal the DevOps training course is designed in such a way that the individual gets all round skills and becomes a well-trained person in all aspects of the software lifecycle.

Coming to the portal that is Benchfolks has become the number one and has the best training providers who are all tied up with us to provide quality services to the candidates who desire to online/offline training and placed once the course ends. There are many companies who have tied up with us who provide training services too. Here once you login to the site you see that the trainings are all categorized according to the course and the location of the users. You can also view the course contents when you look under the categories. The classes are taken by real time trainers who are also working in the industry and know what is more current in the industry. Just knowing one or two programming languages is not enough, you must be fully ready to accept all kind of changes that is evident in the industry and take relevant training to stay updated.

DevOps course contents

This DevOps course starts with a good introduction of the advent of programming and algorithms, outline to Dev Ops and goal, Background and history of DevOps, Symptoms and problems in today's projects, IT core ethnic conflicts, DevOps roles and concepts, why shift to DevOps, case study of amazon's processes, learning the basics of Devops by tutorial for beginners as well as experienced, need for Devops engineer, maintaining the version control with GIT, configuration management using Puppet in DevOps, Continuous integration with Jenkins, Implementation in Nagios with infrastructure monitoring, Learn how to place containers and also practicing docker, Setting up and building light weight and portable development environments using vagrant.

Here at Benchfolks, the portal allows you to register for free and helps you to seek out for the best online DevOps Training in the industry. The students who wish to make a career in DevOps are open to take up the course. Even professionals who are seeking to change their careers or want to upgrade themselves are also welcome to do this course. It is all a simple click away now as the portal has opened where you can register and gain maximum benefits by getting a job and a career in the place of their choice.
Benchfolks has a group of expert trainers who have registered with us and are assisting the users to make use of DevOps training offered to the learners. Not only training but we also have many tie ups with companies who assist with the placements who have done their DevOps course with us. You can all become an expert and make use of the courses on the portal.

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